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How K. BALT began...

Following in the footsteps of my father, I joined the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) on 02nd September, 1985 and was exposed to the multi-faceted area of law, including Traffic Duties, Police Duties, Criminal Law, to name a few.

After Graduating from the Police Academy and obtaining a distinction in ‘A’ level law I knew then, the discipline of law was indeed my calling.

I worked at Port of Spain Division and Central Division before ultimately being posted to the elite Special Branch. My classes proved to be fulfilling for me and successful for the officers who I successfully assisted with their police examinations. After many successes, a Sergeant suggested that I should formalize this tuition service by opening a law school. I didn’t take it seriously at first, as my focus at that point was just on helping my fellow police officers, but the years rolled by and, one fateful day, I made the decision that would forever change my life and, as it turned out, change the lives of many others.

I officially started K Beckles and Associates Law Tutors in 1993, and gradually built an excellent reputation for helping students who convincingly passed their exams. As the number of successful students grew, so did the school’s reputation, and so the school. Today, K Beckles and Associates is the number one legal training institute in Trinidad and Tobago, having trained and qualified thousands of professional experts for the many diverse fields of the law throughout Trinidad and Tobago,Barbados and St. Vincent.

To the new student about to embark on the rewarding journey into the legal profession, I would like to extend a personal welcome.

Our doors are the first of many you will walk through as a legal professional. Success begins with the very first step, and taking that step through our doors represents the best possible beginning to a fulfilling career.

With warmest regards,
Keith Beckles
Director of Legal Studies


To continually provide and raise the bar on exceptional education standards through the enabling factors of cutting-edge technology; qualified and professional lecturers; committed and motivated staff; and regional and international partnerships.
To be the leading regional provider of legal and related education services, facilitating successful entry into and within the Caribbean legal fraternity.
Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Courtesy, Diligence, Efficiency, Impartiality, Honesty, Fairness, Propriety

Strategic Goals 2013-2016

Goal-1 To improve its academic programme for advancing its mission of preparing students to succeed as lawyers.
Goal-2 To teach, produce scholarship and deliver services at the highest possible level.
Goal-3 To recruit, admit, and retain students who will become successful lawyers and contribute to a rich and diverse learning environment.
Goal-4 To attract and retain excellent Lecturers.
Goal-5 To have resources sufficient to support the Law School's Mission.
Goal-6 The Law School has the physical facilities and technological capabilities needed to support excellent legal education. Upgrade is to take place.

The Institution

K. Beckles & Associates Law Tutors (K.BALT) has been in existence since 1991; it was the first Institution in the Caribbean granted Diploma Teaching Status (DTS), formerly Permission to Teach Status (PTTI) by the University of London for the Diploma in Law Programme which is now known as the Certificate in Higher Education in Common Law.

The Institution pioneers the concept of educating the whole lawyer by building upon an effective and comprehensive curriculum that supplements an excellent faculty. By providing first-rate facilities, strong student support and high quality teaching we create the ideal environment for our students to achieve.

Our Aim

K. Beckles & Associates Law Tutors aims to take students from where they are to where they want to be. To realise their dreams and fulfill their career goals through excelling in the Legal Fraternity. To this end our aim is “to take you from where you are to where you want to be”.

This Institution is a
• Registered Centre with the University of London with Diploma Teaching Status (DTS) certified to teach the Diploma in Law Programme.
• Registered Institution with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago(ACTT)

Quality Statement

The Management of K. Beckles & Associates Law Tutors (KBALT) undertakes to provide a quality tertiary education experience that inspires its students to succeed in the practice of their choice within the Legal Fraternity. KBALT’s commitment to the delivery of a superior legal education experience is demonstrated through the use of our Quality Management System, the success of which is monitored and measured through its Quality Objectives. At KBALT Quality is achieved when:
• The Quality Objectives are met
• Processes and practices are consistent in their delivery
• Processes and practices are subject to continuous improvement practices
• Feedback from students, staff and other stakeholders tells the institution what it is doing well and advises where it can improve; and
• The responsibility of all internal stakeholders to the achievement of customer satisfaction has been determined and communicated.


The institution, in partnership with the University of London, offers both the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE Common Law) and the Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) programme.

Awards Courses Period Description
CertHE Common Law 4 1-5 Years A stand-alone qualification
Allows for entry into the second year of the LLB programme via the Standard Entry.
LLB Standard Entry Route 12 3-8 Years Intended fo thoes wishing to study at a more measured pace.
LLB Graduate Entry Route 9 2-8 Years Enables graduates with a degree awarded by institution acceptable to the university to follow a shorter route.

Bachelor of Law Degree

Over the last one hundred (100) years, the LLB has provided the first step on a career route for many practicing lawyers within the
Commonwealth and Internationally.

The wide variety of topics provides an important foundation, not only for those intending to practice Law as Attorneys, but also for Court Clerks, Paralegal Personnel and all individuals who are seeking further knowledge of the law and enhancementof their qualifications.

Class Preview

"We'll take you from where you are to where you want to be"

Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE Common Law)

The Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE Common Law) is a special
qualification on its own which allows students
to obtain a distinction, credit or pass.
The University of London has designated the Certificate of Higher Educationin Common Law to be a ‘taught’ qualification, therefore one must register with a ‘Recognised Teaching Institution’ such as K. Beckles & Associates Law Tutors so that one can benefit from the mandated tuition support.



This Qualification is for YOU if:
• You want to obtain an LLB degree of international standing which has provided the first step on a career route for many thousands of practicing lawyers worldwide.
• You wish to develop a critical awareness of the common law legal tradition and be able to apply analytical and problem-solving skills in a range of legal and non-legal settings.
• You would like to enhance key skills of communication, information literacy, analysis and argument.

YOU can gain entry by:
1. Completing K. Beckles & Associates Law Tutors Registration Process
2. Completing an online application to University of London

YOU need the following requirements for registration:
• Two (2) copies of your Birth Certificate and the original
• Two (2) copies of your National Identification Card or Passport and the original
• One (1) passport sized photo
• Two (2) copy each of your academic qualification, pertinent to the programme that you are applying for and the originals
• Proof of completion of your previous GATE approved programme
• A minimum of five (5) CXC O’level/CSEC subjects and two (2) A ‘Level’s subjects including English Language (for Standard Entry Route)
• A degree awarded by an institution that is acceptable to the University of London (for Graduate Entry Route)

IN COMMON LAW (CertHE Common Law)

This qualification is for YOU if:
• You do not have the qualifications to enter the degree programme however, you have the ability, motivation and self-discipline to study at degree level.
• You have the necessary qualifications to embark on a degree programme, but would prefer a programme with more teaching support.
• You intend to undertake a degree programme but would like to gain a recognized qualification after one year.

YOU can gain entry by:
1. Completing K. Beckles & Associates Law Tutors Registration Process
2. Taking an Admissions Test
3. Undergoing an Interview

Applicants for the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law Programme are required to:
1. Sit an Admission Test set by the University of London. The admission test is a simple comprehension exercise which involves testing the student cognitive ability, reasoning and logic skills.
2. Take an interview which is a follow up discussion on the admission test.

YOU need the following documents for registration:
A minimum of three (3) CXC O’level /CSEC subjects including English Language
• Two (2) copies of your Birth Certificate and the original
• Two (2) copies of your National Identification Card or Passport and the original
• One (1) passport sized photo
• One (1) copy each of your academic qualification, pertinent to the programme that you are applying for and the originals


The decision to attend K. Beckles & Associates Law Tutors came easy to me; the school came highly recommended by friends, themselves alumni, who are now practising attorneys.

My experience at KBALT was all at once challenging, stimulating and rewarding.  Mr. Beckles, my favourite among lecturers, made learning fun and interactive. He simplified legal concepts for easy ingestion while still challenging us to go further, and even taught us a few techniques to help recall cases when writing exams. KBALT provides the foundation to navigate through the course of studying law.  The rest is up to the student.
  Alicia Yorke

I must say that I made the right decision by doing some research initially and finally deciding to pursue my law studies with K Beckles and Associates Law Tutors. I honestly believe without the guidance I received from studying at K Beckles and Associates Law Tutors, both academically and personally, that I would not have been able to achieve my LLB from the University of London via the International Programs.

  This program was challenging to say the least. However, the lecturers were always very professional and knowledgeable. In addition to the lectures, we were provided with additional material which proved to be invaluable especially around exams. Most of the lecturers I thought usually went beyond to ensure that topics were understood properly, and the patience and understanding they displayed was highly commendable. Not wanting to take away from any of the lecturers, I must mention Mr. Beckles. I think that he is an excellent educator with an uncanny ability to break down even the toughest topic and put it across in a simple and understandable way.

  The administrative staff at the school was also very proficient and helpful. Their knowledge of the International Programs guided me throughout the entire course with regards to registration, fees, and all other information that was pertinent. Attaining the LLB from the University of London was a great accomplishment for me, definitely made possible by studying at K Beckles and Associates Law Tutors. I enjoyed the experience though it was trying at times.

  Kumar Ramsaran,
  Police Officer
  Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

As a scientist writing for a law degree, there were many challenges at the start.  This was a totally different field and I had to learn to think like a lawyer.  Keith Beckles Law Tutors provided a clean, safe environment conducive to learning with very professional, helpful administrative staff. The lecturers including Mr Beckles himself, provided thought provoking lectures that aroused your curiosity for learning.  The library had a wealth of resources. Reading for a law degree at K Beckles was an enjoyable experience.  It assisted me with my personal and professional development and empowered me to make positive change.

Rahanna Juman, PhD
Principal Research Officer
Institute of Marine Affairs
Hilltop Lane, Chaguaramas
Trinidad and Tobago




Kyle Fortune

Lecturer/Attorney at Law

Orleen Bobb

Lecturer/Attorney at Law

Andrew Sookram

Senior Lecturer/Assistant Legal Director

Keith Beckles

Practising Attorney, Lecturer

Claire Thomas Medina

Senior Lecturer/Teacher

Dante` Selman- Carrington

Lecturer/Legal Officer

Gobin Harrypersad


Skeeta John


Our Lecturers have a united passion for teaching and are committed to our students.


North Campus
Head Office
#12 Flament Street,
Port of Spain

South Campus
#11-13 Robertson Street,
San Fernando.


North Campus
+1 868 624 6793

South Campus
+1 868 657 1992

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We'd love to hear from you.

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